6 Ways to Enhance Your Team’s Customer Service Skills

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Customer Service Skills Training

Is customer service that important?

Customer service will make or break a business. According to an Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Survey, approximately 62% of global consumers switched service providers due to poor customer service experiences in the year 2013. That is more than half due only to a lack of customer service skills training!

This means if your team is not offering exceptional service to clients that come into your business, you can count on more than half of them leaving and going to your competitors. If you don’t improve, you may have to close your doors.

However, we have great solutions to enhance your team’s customer service skills. These skills will help you can retain loyal customers and build a successful organization!

Solution #1 – Get Personal

Customers value the opportunity to speak to real people when they have an issue. They hate automated or FAQ pages because each situation is unique. You should not force your customers to look for the solution online or go through a long automated system. You should restructure the way your team does business with clients to offer a personal experience where customers receive fast solutions to their problems. Customer service skills training from Impact Training & Development will help your team provide the kind of personal experience your customers desire.

Solution #2 – Cater to Your Customers

The customer is not always right, but if it is in your power to help them then by all means do it. Also, when a client has a complaint and wishes to see what you can do you should offer some form of gift or way to make them feel special. It is about creating the experience that is unforgettable and unique.

Solution #3 – Empathy

Calming an irate customer is much easier through empathy. When you relate to the client and agree that what they are going through is not an ideal situation, then they will drop their guard. They become open to suggestions and ideas. Also, empathy provides an emotional connection between your employees and the customer. Emotional connections heighten the experience and leaves a lasting impression on the individual.

Solution #4 – Consistency

Have you ever visited with a business that was inconsistent with the service? You dine at a restaurant on Friday, and you received exceptional service. Then, when you come back the next week, the service is abysmal or subpar. That kind of inconsistency is very frustrating.

However, customer service skill training is an excellent way to create consistency through the organization. This way each experience is always great through effective training.

Solution #5 – Clear Communication

Great communication helps employees improve their service skills. Effective communication is a trait people develop with time and experience. You can provide great training material or books for your employees to read.

Solution #6 – Stay Engaged

Attitudes are contagious. The way your employees feel will spread like wildfire through the company and to customers as well. So it is crucial to keep your team engaged and happy, so this attitude transfers throughout the enterprise. Coaching sessions are a great way to keep employees satisfied. In these meetings, you sit down and give them a chance to voice comments and concerns. Listening to the employees voice their concerns helps the organization to proactively determine ways to address these concerns and keep employees engaged.

At Impact Training and Development, we offer quality customer service skills training through our Professional Development programs. We’ve been strengthening teams since 1999, and we can strengthen your team as well! Our mission is to transform work groups into innovative and highly functioning teams. We also offer professional development, assessments, lunch and learn events, and much more. Give us a call at (832) – 515 – 1572 to find out more about our sophisticated team building activities. You can also fill out our short form and we will give you a complimentary team assessment.


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