Corporate Team Building Activities: What to Do and What Not to Do

Corporate Team Building Activities

What You Need to Do – Determine Where Your Team’s Strengths and Weaknesses Lie

When it comes to creating activities that will improve your team, you need to first determine what types of challenges your team members are facing. You cannot design effective team building exercises if you don’t know what your team needs help with. Specificity is important when it comes to these activities. Otherwise, the exercises may not be as effective as they should or need to be in helping the team work through their issues.

So, sit down and really think about what your team’s strengths are and what their weaknesses are. Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself to help identify problem areas:

  • Do the members of the team need to get to know each other better? This could be due to new members joining the team or the development of a brand new team.
  • Are some of the team members focusing on their own future and success rather than the overall success of the group? In many cases, this can harm the team as a whole as well as the results from the team.
  • Has poor communication among the team members reduced the pace of progress or the productivity within the group?
  • Have you noticed any conflicts among certain team members that could be creating a divided team?
  • Are the team members more focused on working individually instead of working together?
  • Do some of the team members or the group as a whole need a morale boost?

Once you have successfully determined what the problems are within the team, you can develop corporate team building activities that will specifically address these issues. In doing this, you will ensure that the activities are effective, the team will benefit from the exercises and that the team members will actually feel it was worth their time.

What You Don’t Need to Do – Only Schedule One or Two Annual Team Building Events

Think about something for just a moment. Let’s say that you are training for a 10K marathon. Are you going to spend just one or two sessions training for this marathon? Probably not. Instead, you are going to train very frequently – at least once a week, but probably more than that. After all, continuous exercise and marathon training is what is going to give you a shot at winning the marathon.

With team building, the same thing is true. Many managers believe that team building in Houston should only take place once or twice per year. This means that there is zero training on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this can keep the team from realizing their true success. In order for team building to be effective, it needs to occur on a continuous basis. To truly build unity and team spirit, it is crucial that team building exercises take place on a regular basis.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should keep competition out of the corporate team building activities. Competition will only encourage some of the issues that your team is facing, which can result in far more harm than good from the exercises. Competition is meant to motivate people, but it often de-motivates them, especially those who aren’t as good as others in the particular exercise (such as a sport like baseball). You need to focus on activities that require the team to lean on each other in order to find success.

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