Customer Service Skills Training

What is Customer Service?

  • Define Customers – External and Internal
  • Customer Service defined

Customer Service Skills TrainingCritical Elements of Customer Service

  • A Customer Service Focus
  • Defined in your Organization
  • Given Life by Employees
  • Solving Problems
  • Measure it
  • Reinforce it

Customer Service Focus

  • Define Customers
  • Define Customer Expectations

Defined in Your Organization

  • What are the company standards?
  • What does management expect from employees?
  • What is the company culture?
  • Does the culture support customer service?

Given Life by the Employees

  • What authority do employees have?
  • Develop communication skills
  • Asking questions to ascertain customer needs and wants
  • Effective telephone techniques
  • Dealing with difficult clients

Solving Problems

  • The Recovery Process

Measure it

  • Defining methods to measure customer satisfaction
  • Defining review schedules
  • Defining processes to take corrective action

Reinforce it

  • How to make it a part of the culture
  • Positive reinforcement techniques