DISC Profile Training

DISC Profile Training

There are numerous tests and employee training programs on the market; some are good, others not so much. The DISC profile training system is one of the highest regarded personality profiles in use today because of its proven history of accuracy and success in team building activities. What exactly is this DISC system?

This personality analysis system helps your employees gain a deeper self-knowledge that aids them in better understanding their own skills and weaknesses. More than that, it enables your team members to better understand each other, making conflict resolution easier. As your team members begin to gain knowledge of both themselves and the other members of the team, they can learn to improve their weaknesses and use their stronger traits to learn how to become more productive members of your staff.

What is Measured?

Each of the letters in the DISC name stand for a different character trait needed for success in business. The letters measure:

D – Dominance

I – Influence

S – Steadiness

C – Conscientiousness

The area that is dominant in a person’s profile determines how they approach situations. With the results available, the DISC profile helps determine how a team member approaches a situation, how they deal with conflict and what area their strong suit best prepares them to handle. There are versions of the test that are geared toward managers, salesmen, leaders and the workplace in general.  Whatever your business needs, there is a test that will help your team become the strongest it possibly can.

How can the DISC profile training help me?

When you set out to hire staff, the traditional means of evaluation, such as work history and interview, often don’t provide a complete picture of the candidate. For example, a person who is nervous at interviews and tends to stumble over words may actually be a fantastic sales person. Another candidate may have a history of jobs in which he has had little authority yet he may have the potential to be a leader and nobody else saw it.  With the DISC profile, you can examine the reports, match strengths with the type of positions you have and place the best candidates in positions where they can to excel.

For example, a person who scores high on dominance is able to see the whole picture. She is confident and straight to the point. This works well when you need an idea person. Her bluntness, however, may not make her a great choice for sales. For that sales position, you would look more for someone who scores high in in Influence. This person is friendly and has the ability to persuade others easily and in a manner that does not come across too forceful. For a leadership position, you may want to look for someone in the Steadiness sector. This person is calm and dependable. They will be able to be the grounding influence in emergencies, when the rest of the team is starting to panic. The conscientious sector personality is the one to whom you want to give detail work like accounting. This person works independently and loves knowing all the details.

Final Words

This is only a small idea of what the DISC profile system can do to aid you and your team in becoming confident, productive members of your company. We can answer your questions and give you a greater insight into all you can accomplish with this simple yet in-depth training program. You never imagined the success your company is able to achieve when everyone is doing their best job.

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