The Frontline Leadership Program is the culmination of 20 – 25 years of teaching frontline leaders how to be most effective with their teams comprised of members with many different skills and personalities. There are 10 four hour modules that address specific skills critical to leaders’ ability to lead. All or some of the modules can be utilized based on the needs of your specific situation.

  • Role as Supervisor
  • Managing Different Personalities
  • Effective Communication
  • Teamwork &Collaboration
  • Engaging & Motivating Employees
  • Coaching for Commitment
  • Managing Conflict
  • Managing Change
  • Managing Performance
  • Time Management

Though the Ropes challenges are physical in nature, they are not physically demanding. However, having said that, we use a “Challenge by Choice” philosophy. Each participant has the option to opt out of a challenge choosing to not participate physically. We encourage those who choose not to participate physically to remain engaged mentally and emotionally. Though they may not want to participate physically, they can still help the team with planning and problem solving.

We design a sequence of challenges with the capabilities of the participants in mind. We will never provide a challenge that will set the team up for failure. We have had team members participate with many different physical challenges, even some in wheel chairs and expecting mothers.

We design our programs with your needs at the forefront and again, it depends upon your team’s needs, or we may discover an unforeseen issue that needs to be addressed. At the very least, your team will become more “self-aware” and communication and cooperation will increase.

Simply put, that depends. After a thorough session of discovery and assessment, we will design a program that best fits your needs and your budget. It depends upon what is going on with your team, whether they are just beginning as a team, or they simply need a tune-up to get them refocused, or are in need of a complete overhaul needing to re-establish a mission, vision, and points of culture.

For our Ropes programs we have a home course at the Northwest Forest Conference Center located in Cypress, Texas just outside of Houston, however, we can conduct our programs just about anywhere. We have conducted programs at hotels and conference centers in Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, California, Chicago, and Florida. We have conducted programs in parks and on the beach at Galveston. We are completely mobile.
For our Frontline Leadership programs and other Professional Development programs, we have conducted the programs at our home at the Northwest Forest Conference Center and many other hotels or conference centers, and even at our clients’ offices. Soon, we will be conducting Frontline Leadership Training on the Sakhalin Island in the U.S.S.R.

Again, simply put, that depends. As mentioned earlier, our programs are not “off the shelf” programs. We tailor make each program to suit our clients’ needs. Generally speaking, they could run anywhere from $35/person/half day for not-for-profit organizations to $500/person/day for high end corporate programs.