Five Team Building Activities You Can Try

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Team Building Activities

Every organization aims at ensuring that there is a significant growth in the employees as well as the organization. Sometimes, the work routine in the office can be boring and monotonous. When this occurs most organizations prefer talking their employees for a team building session.  Team building can be indoor training or in most cases, an outdoor event full of numerous activities to encourage positivity amongst the employees. It also acts a means to enhance communication and problem-solving techniques.

The proven approaches to team building are generally the courses and the training sessions that are offered. These techniques are offered based on the organization’s skills and numerous strategies that are up to the standards of the experts in personal effectiveness and leadership training.

Some of the outdoor and indoor team building activities involved the following:

Helium Stick- this is basically a simple teamwork activity.  For effective Helium Stick; from two different lines facing each other. After the formation of the line, the next step is to lay a thin rod on people index figures: the goal of this is seen in lowering the ground while the reality is that goes up.

The second activity that can be enjoyed as a team building exercise is the Toxic Waste. It involves engaging a small group of employees or people. It has to be equipped with a bungee rope and cord; every group must work out a plan on how to transport the bucket of the “waste” after which, they have to tip into what is known as the neutralization bucket. The activity is important in enhancing leadership and teamwork amongst the members participating.

The third activity is the Mine Field; this can be performed in an indoor or outdoor setup. The objects are first scattered in either an outdoor or indoor area. The team then groups themselves in pairs. One of the members of the paired team is blindfolded, after which the one of the member is supposed to verbally guide the blindfolded partner through the minefield. The activity focuses on teamwork and trust among the members.

The fourth activity that can be very important in team building is the Zoom. In this activity, the group tries to formulate creative asset of interesting stories from a given set of pictures. The challenge is that the pictures are not in any order. Again every member of the team has a picture but is not allowed to show it to others in the group. The activity requires a lot of patience and communication. It also tries to evaluate the understanding of another person point of view as seen in the development of random stories.

The fifth team building activity is the famous balloon activity; this is generally a group event that is done with balloons. The balloons are known for their fragile nature. As such the activity looks at the gentle side of people and, more importantly team members can get to know each other better.

Finally, the last activity is the Warp speed. This is an activity that is based on an icebreaker also known as the “group juggle” in this team building activity the team members are challenged to juggle as fast as they can.  The activity invites the group to “tender “to a time that they can deliver.

In addition to these team building activities, there are also the Houston based professional development programs that one can try as a team building mechanism. The programs are generally ideal for the managers who are interested in learning new skills that they require in their workplace for a successful leadership.

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