What is Frontline Leadership Training?

what is frontline leadership training

what is frontline leadership training

Defining a Company’s Frontline

Any good discussion of frontline leadership training, must actually begin at the frontline. First we ask, What is the frontline? Who are frontline employees? And who are the frontline leaders?

What is a company’s frontline?

A company’s frontline refers to its core production activities.

What are frontline employees?

Frontline employees have the most direct contact with its core production. In a retail environment, this may be the cashiers and customer service personnel, where the purchasing occurs. In a warehouse or factory, it is where products are made, shipped or delivered. In a service industry, it is the employees who actively deliver the service to the customer.

Frontline employees typically do not manage or supervise anyone. They deal directly with customers, products, fabrication, or delivery of service.

What are frontline leaders?

A company’s frontline leaders are also known as frontline managers. They directly oversee all aspects of managing frontline employees.

Frontline management generally involves hiring, firing, training, monitoring, and measuring, as well as assigning, teaching, guiding, enabling, motivating, resolving, recommending and promoting.

Front line management is different than middle management, and even executive management, in that they are directly responsible for almost all aspects of productivity on the company’s frontline. They in turn report to middle or executive management, depending on a company’s hierarchy.

Now that we have defined what we are discussing, we move to the more complicated issue of leadership and training.

What is Frontline Leadership?

Frontline leadership, also called frontline management, is the skillset used by frontline leaders to lead and manage frontline employees.

An effective frontline leader is one that can successfully generate positive results from its team of frontline employees. Most often this is measured in profits or productivity, but can also be measured by retention, engagement, revenue, growth, lifetime value, and many other indicators, based on a company’s business plan.

What is Frontline Leadership Training?

Frontline leadership training is the process through which frontline managers develop the skills necessary to provide effective supervision of employees in the company’s frontline.

A Frontline Leadership Training Course that Delivers

Impact Training and Development’s Frontline Leadership Skills Training Course was originally developed by Trinity Training for Houston’s Lone Star College system. This course combines 25 years of frontline leaderhip skills into 10 program modules that inspire frontline managers to transform themselves from coordinators into leaders.

By developing skills in team dynamics and interaction of various personalities, this interactive program utilizes experiential activities that mirror workplace supervision.

Graduates of this program come away prepared and excited to maximize their performance in the workplace to engage, enable and inspire the teams they lead.

Contact Impact Training & Development for Experienced Frontline Leadership Training

If you think your company may be in need of frontline leadership training to better achieve its goals, contact Impact Training & Development today. Our experienced team of corporate managers and trainers have worked with over twenty Fortune 100 companies, as well as many mid-size and small business enterprises.

Our mission is to transform work groups into high functioning, innovative teams. We use assessments, training and accelerated learning techniques. We address professional development, leadership and team functioning to empower organizations to improve their bottom line.

Contact us online, or call us today for more information of our highly successful frontline leadership training programs. (832) 515-1572

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