Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills TrainingModule 1 – Know Yourself as a Presenter

  • Personal Experiences – Explore what you have noticed in presentations that you have observed that made them memorable
  • Channeling Your Anxiety – Learn and practice methods for harnessing your anxiety to make you a better presenter
  • Your Non-Verbal Messages – Learn to insure that your non-verbal message matches your verbal message
  • Refine Your Movements & Gestures – Learn and practice movements and gestures to reinforce key points of your message
  • Eye Contact – Practice an effective method to making eye contact with your audience for positive effect
  • First Impressions / Dress for Success- Learn what works and what does not work
  • Barriers to Communication – Practice methods to overcome natural barriers that audience members may possess preventing your message from being completely received accurately

Module 2 – Know Your Audience

  • Non-Verbal Messages From Your Audience – Learn how to and practice reading the body language of your audience members to determine whether or not they are receiving your message correctly
  • Learning Modalities – Auditory, Visual, & Kinesthetic
  • Adult Learning Principles – Learn and practice effect principles of adult learning to enhance both the design and the delivery of your message
  • Difficult Situations – Learn and practice effective methods for dealing with difficult situations and audience members that could otherwise sabotage your message

Module 3 – Presentation Planning

  • 12 Steps to Design, Develop, & Deliver – Learn and utilize the steps that you need to take one month prior, one week prior, one day prior, and hour prior to your presentation that will allow you to deliver your message with complete confidence and accuracy
  • Presentation Formats – Learn to match your format to the desired situation and outcome
  • Presentation Methods – Learn how to spice up your presentation, regardless of format
  • Forms of Evidence – Learn how to utilize forms of evidence that will make your message more convincing, particularly when trying to influence a decision
  • Planning & Delivery Checklist

Module 4 – Presentation Delivery

  • Impromptu Speaking – Learn and practice a structure that will allow you to speak with complete confidence and organization
  • Toastmasters
  • Steak & Sizzle
  • Asking Questions
  • Presentation Aids – Learn to utilize Power Point and other aids effectively so that your presentations don’t become Power Pointless
  • Webinars & Video Conferencing
  • Team Presentations
  • Managing Meetings