Professional Development

For professional teams to prosper, the skills of every individual team members must be developed. Impact offers several professional development programs that will allow team members to contribute more significantly to their teams.

Frontline Leadership Skills

Developed by Trinity Training for Lone Star College, this 10 module program is the culmination of 25 years of delivering frontline leadership skills to literally thousands of new and seasoned supervisors in many different industries. This program will help frontline leaders transform from individual technical contributors into leaders of people. They will become better communicators. They will develop a working understanding of personalities and team dynamics, and the skills necessary to manage their time. The entire program is interactive employing well designed experiential activities that simulate situations that supervisor experience in the workplace. Participants will walk away better prepared to maximize their own performance as well as the performance of the teams that they lead. Read More

Impact Presentation Skills

Sometimes careers can be catapulted or drained based on the delivery of a five minute presentation, whether the professional is delivering a message to a client or to higher ranking manager in their own organization. This powerful experiential based program is designed to provide a safe environment in which participants will rehearse new skills that will allow them to convey their messages with impact, confidence, and passion. Participants are provided several presentation assignments. After completing each presentation delivered, each participants will be given feedback by their peers, and then receive one-on-one coaching. The transformation that this program can provide is amazing. Read More

Using DiSC in the Sales Process

This four quadrant model Based on the Basic DiSC Model, will give salesmen keen insight into what each of the four types need to buy. The comprehensive report will provide the salesman with their preferred style and how their style meshes with the other three types. It will provide the buying priorities for each of the four types and provide tips for accommodating those priorities. In this four hour professional sales training program participants develop the skills necessary to recognize each of the four styles in their clients, learn to understand their own tendencies for selling based on their own type, and rehearse new approaches based on style. Salesmen are usually most comfortable selling to their own style. By learning these skills, salesmen will open new doors by learning to accommodate the other 75% of types. Their close rate will definitely increase.


Stephen Covey said, “Begin with the end in mind”. For organizations to successfully move through the stages of organization development from Start up to Growth to Maintenance to Innovation, they must begin with a solid vision, a clearly defined mission, and clearly defined points of culture. Impact will guide your organization through this process, whether you are defining these aspects for your startup company or defining the purpose of a department supporting the Vision/Mission of the larger organization. This is an absolute must for any organization to prosper. One must understand the target destination before planning the journey.


Impact Customer Service Skills

This one day training session is designed to increase customer awareness in your organization. This well designed class combines the benefits of adult learning techniques and experiential based exercises to instill these learning objectives:

  • To understand what customer service is
  • To be able to communicate more effectively
  • To be able to utilize questions to better ascertain clients’ needs
  • To be able to listen more effectively
  • To be able to apply techniques to deal with difficult customers
  • To better understand your company’s standards for customer service

Here are the Six Critical Elements of a Successful Customer Service Culture introduced in this program.

  • Having a customer service focus as a norm in your corporate culture
  • Customer service standards are defined within your organization
  • It is given life by the members of the organization
  • Everyone is a problem solver
  • Measure it
  • Reinforce it

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