How Ropes Courses Improve Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Skills

ROPES Course Training impact ropes courses

ROPES Course Training impact ropes courses

Ropes Courses & Running a Business

At first, you may not be able to readily see the connection between ropes courses and running a business. There is a very strong connection, however, and in this article we will explore that connection. You will see how the two connect and how having your employees participate in a rope course can help improve both verbal and non-verbal communication skills that will move your company onto a more profitable course.

Teamwork is Essential

Both ropes courses and businesses require everyone to work together to be successful. Company employees often lose sight of this important fact.

  • In an office, you can often find one person bearing the majority of the responsibility while the rest simply go along for the ride. That one person becomes overly-stressed and ends up receiving a lot of the blame when a failure results.
  • In a ropes course, success is only achieved if everybody works together toward the same goal. When one person slacks, everyone fails. In order to succeed, every member must work to see that every other member of the team is able and willingly to keep up.
  • Everyone has their place. Activities in both business and ropes require different kinds of skills. By seeing that each team member is put in the position that best utilizes their skills, success is more easily achieved. You don’t want a team member who excels in speed to be placed in a position where strength is needed. The same goes for business,
  • Ropes courses, like ideal business situations, are designed to see that everyone succeeds. If only a few are to be successful, the rest will eventually stop trying.

Improving Communication

In order to succeed, teams of any kind must be able to communicate effectively. If one member doesn’t know what the others are doing, everybody ends up going in different directions. This hinders progress and eventually leads to failure. A ropes course helps foster greater communication in several ways.

  • Teams must work together to overcome physical obstacles. There has to be a plan put in motion that takes into account how each member of the team needs to move in order to get successfully past the obstacle. Not only is this done verbally, but non-verbal body language helps each member know when the time for his or her part is needed.
  • Teams must communicate accurately in order to be successful. If the lead person changes the plan or fails to signal the next team member correctly, timing is off. This creates a snowball effect that ends up creating a less-than-successful attempt.
  • Physically working together on a ropes course requires both verbal and non-verbal communication. The skills learned to successfully navigate the course are easily transferred to other areas of life, especially the business world. Your team members will be able to connect on a level never before reached by the time they have been successful in completing a course.

The Really Big Wins

By actually experiencing the success that comes from enhanced verbal and non-verbal communication, your employees will find confidence in applying these newly-gained skills within the office setting. As they experience greater success, it becomes even easier to apply the skills. In time, your employees will be working as one unit. Their individual skills will enhance the whole team as they share responsibility and reward for a job well done. Your business will benefit from this new cooperation and you will wonder why you had waited so long to have your employees experience this great education.

How Ropes Courses Improve Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Skills | Impact Training and Development, Houston, TX


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