How Team Building Companies Can Fix a Broken Business

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How to Fix a Broken Business

Does your business feel broken? Do you feel held back from true success by forces that you just can’t get a handle on?

Remember, a business is only as strong the team that runs it. If you think you’re team might not be operating at 110%, it may be time to involve a team building company. Though team building companies can’t work miracles, they excel at identifying performance and communication issues from the ground up. This gives you the information that you need to push through to the next stage of your company’s development, and take your profits to the next level.

1. Identify the Issues

Team building companies are able to utilize rigorous assessments and information gathering to determine the source of the problems that your company is currently facing. Personality profiles, situational activities, and other organizational data is pulled together to find ares that could be negatively effecting your business.

As an external resource, team building companies are uniquely poised to identify these issues. Their expertise and outsider’s perspective are able to quickly identify problems with fresh eyes, allowing them to offer actionable insights that could be easily missed from within.

As specialists in personnel performance, team building companies create high performing teams on an almost daily basis. Their ability to quickly diagnose problems and resolve them cannot be understated.

2. Present Findings to the Team

Team building exercises are one of the best ways to present poor performance issues to the team. This not only allows them to discover the problem for themselves, instead of being lectured to, but also gives the team ownership of the problem. Ownership is the strongest form of buy-in, which creates a strong motivation for the team to resolve the issue.

Furthermore, many people learn not by being told but instead by doing. Team building exercises are specially designed to open the team’s eyes to the way that they interact with each other. This sudden awareness can be accompanied by important “a-ha!” realizations, all of which will carry over into the team’s every day tasks. By creating an exercise format, team members learn to work together in a way that is neither confrontational or accusational.

3. Work through the Weaknesses

Once the team’s weaknesses have been properly assessed and presented, the team needs to be given tools that they can use to work with them rather than against them. Teams will need to learn to adapt to their combined weaknesses primarily by identifying them and finding the best solutions. A team building company will offer expert guidance on the ways that they know are most likely to address these flaws.

By addressing weaknesses in an open, secure, and professional environment, an outside team building company will be able to reset the team on a stable foundation. Criticism that comes from within is often seen as far harsher, while an outside, 3rd party introduces a new and temporary dynamic, similar to a doctor, therapist, or other medical professional.

4. Establish Goals and Benchmarks

Just as every successful company needs a common destination, every successful team needs a common goal. Giving a team something to work towards is giving them something that they want to work hard for. Plus it gives them very real metrics for success.

Benchmarks keep a team on task and give them continual feedback on whether their improvements are working. Long lasting results can only be achieved through repetition, practice, and awareness. Realistic goals can be set by the team building company for better, more specific, measurable, and achievable long-term results.

5. Periodic Reassessment

Building a team is never done. The truly great thing about a team building company is that they are a partner that is available for reassessment and reevaluation as needed.

Businesses can change, team members can shift, and a company’s goals can be altered. A good team building company will be able to keep the team and company on track no matter where the executives want to steer it.

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