Build-Your-Own-Boat (BYOB)

Team Building - Build Your Own Boat

Build your own boat team building is a fun, exciting team building swimming pool competition that allows teams to experience the urgency of interdepartmental cooperation. An overall team will be broken down into several smaller teams of 5 – 10 members. The separate teams will then compete to gather targets out of the market (swimming pool) by building a boat out of cardboard and duct tape to float one of their team members in the pool. Each team will assign team members to different roles in the company who must then perform certain functional tasks. Competition is based on pure profit $ created by controlling costs used to purchase material for building their boat and by capturing targets out of the market for revenue.

  • Defined Maximum Budget to Purchase Raw Materials
  • Designated Roles: Logistics, Engineering, Market Research, Manufacturing, & Sales
  • Design Floating Device
  • Material Purchasing Decisions
  • Floating Device Manned by Team Member
  • Gather Floats for Revenue
  • Forfeit Revenue for Swamped or Sunken Vessel
  • Finite Revenue Potential in Market
  • Multi-Team Competition based on profitability
  • Simulates Realistic Competitive Market Conditions
Impact Training & Development – Build Your Own Boat Team Building