BYOB Lake Version Team Building

Boat Building Lake

Challenge your teams’ creativity, ingenuity, and cohesiveness with this high seas adventure race. A large group will be divided into several smaller teams for the competition. Teams are then provided a predetermined set of resources and are then challenged to build a boat. This boat must be stable and buoyant enough to float all of their team members across a section of a lake, no more than four members at a time.

Teams in the race will be given a definitive amount of time to design, develop, and build their boats. At the end of this time, all the teams will be lined up for the start of the race. Their resources will include 55 gallon plastic drums, truck tire inner tubes, 2″x4″‘s, rope, and duct tape.


Not only will the teams be faced with engineering and structural issues, they will also have to work out the logistical issues of getting their boat back and forth. The teams will be challenged to solve problems and to make decisions. They will definitely have to employ the effective communication, cooperation, and decision making skills that they will need to become a highly performing team.

Impact Training & Development – BYOB Lake Version