GPS Scavenger Hunt Team Building

GPS Scavenger Hunt Team Building

Over the last several years, there has been a phenomena sweeping the globe, Geocaching. In Geocaching, participants use a GPS to track down hidden caches. You can go to just about any significant city in the world and Caches will be hidden in town, i.e. under park benches, on top of birdhouses, in parks, in museums. All you need is an accurate set of coordinates and a good GPS to find them. These Caches are launched by other Geocaching enthusiasts who then log the coordinates for their caches on a Geocaching website that be viewed anywhere the internet is available.

In Impact’s version of a scavenger hunt team building exercise, we set up a course of caches and provide the team with a GPS and a set of coordinates in order to find the first cache in the course. Once the team has located the first cache, it will provide them with instructions for a challenge that they must complete to get the next set of coordinates for the next cache in the course. Each stop on the course will provide another team building challenge that will give the team members an opportunity to practice the effective communication, cooperation, and decision making skills that they will need to become a highly performing team.

We can conduct the program on our permanent course located at our home site, the Northwest Forest in Cypress, Texas, or we can also set up a course just about anywhere. We can set it up on your grounds or at a local park.

Impact Training & Development – GPS Scavenger Hunt Team Building