Hawaiian Corporate Olympics Team Building

Hawaiian Olympics

This is a fun and engaging twist on the world famous Olympics Games. We have designed activities around the Hawaiian theme that are “out of the ordinary”. All activities are designed to require accuracy as opposed to brute strength so there is no gender bias. The activities are divided into two categories: individual and team relays. The large group is divided into several smaller teams and each team member then competes in the individual events to try to gain points for their team. Points are awarded for the top six performers in each event and the top three will receive custom designed medals. The teams reconvene to compete in the team relays. In these relays all members of each smaller team must compete together. Again, the top six teams are awarded points for their team and all members from the top three are awarded medals.


Individual Events

  • Catch a Shooting Starfish
  • Coconut Shot Put
  • Native Spear Toss
  • Blue Marlin Fishing
  • Beach Ball Basket Ball

Team Relays

  • Hoola Hoop Pass
  • Frisbee Toss Relay
  • Native Land Surf Relay
  • Native Outrigger Relay

Although competitive in nature, Hawaiian Corporate Olympics Team Building does a great job of promoting a sense of camaraderie and is just what the doctor ordered for stress release.

If you have a different theme in mind, we can custom design activities around your theme.

Hawaiian Corporate Olympics Team Building – Impact Training