Houston ROPES Course Team Building

Houston Ropes Course

Elevate Your Team with Houston Ropes Course

Impact Training and Development’s Houston Ropes Course provides a series of outdoor physical challenges designed to enable your group to make leaps in their person-to-person interactions.

Houston Ropes Course Features:

  • Physical Obstacles, Safely Constructed From Ropes, Cables, Logs and Other Props
  • Obstacles from Ground Level to 50′ in the Air
  • Progressive Sequence of Initiatives
  • Opportunities for Individual and Group-based Performance
  • Opportunities for Group and Self-Reflection
  • Opportunities for Peer Observation
  • Opportunities for Leadership & Followership
  • Opportunities to Build Self-Confidence
  • Challenge by Choice‘ Philosophy (Respect personal right to opt out.)

Houston Ropes Course Initiatives

Phase 1: Briefing

  • Establish the Challenge Parameters and Safety Rules for the Activity

Phase 2: Group Activity

  • Define Problem
  • Brainstorm for Solutions
  • Develop Plan
  • Implement Plan

Phase 3: Debriefing

  • Discussion of Outcomes
  • Discussion of Learning

Ready to Tackle Real Issues

If you are serious about creating dramatic leaps in your team’s performance, our Houston ropes course is for you. Under the guidance of one of our expert facilitator’s, these critical challenges push your team out of their comfort zone, forcing them to work together. These fun activities tackle real issues in the workplace, including communication, cooperation, trust, decision making, problem solving, planning, accountability, leadership, and change management.

Whether your team has been together for years, or is very new, our ropes course is designed to energize and engage your team members for improved performance. As with every Impact program, the Houston ropes course comes complete with its own set of tasks and deadlines, to ensure your team walks away with everything needed to take their performance to the next level. Furthermore, to help your team stay accountable in their team-based commitments, this program includes a follow-up session in which teams will reflect back on their work before, during, and after their Houston ropes course challenge.

Contact us today to see if a ropes course experience is right for you!

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