Market Simulation Team Building

Market Simulation Team Building

Market Simulation team building is an experiential team building activity where an overall team is broken down into smaller teams of 5 – 10 members. Then the challenge consists of each team designing, manufacturing, and operating an apparatus to gather targets out of a designated market place set up on the ground of the meeting space.

Each team will be provided a budget for initial investment used to purchase construction materials and tools. (PVC pipes, Duct Tape, PVC pipe fittings, rope, boards, wheels, hardware, etc.) Each team would designate team members to fill several functional roles for their company (Logistics, Marketing Research, Engineering, Manufacturing, & Sales). Each role will have assigned tasks to perform.

Roles Duties
Logistics Research raw materials available and report to team. Purchase raw materials.
Deliver manufactured apparatus to Market
Marketing Research Research market to determine sales targets and report to team.
Engineering Design apparatus based input from Logistics and Marketing Research.
Assist Sales with operating apparatus in Market to capture customer targets.
Manufacturing Build apparatus based on design of Engineering.
Sales Operate apparatus with assistance from Engineering in Market to capture customer targets.


In the Market Place, there will be various colored and shaped objects each representing varying amounts of value. (Buckets, flat rubber dots, small and large plastic orange cones) By collecting objects, the teams generate revenue. A curtain surrounds the Market Area. Only Marketing can see what is in the Market and only Sales and Engineering can enter the Market to operate their apparatus.

Impact will track both spending and revenue generation for the teams. Winning the overall competition is based on total profit generated.

This is an excellent tool for allowing teams to consider such critical team functioning issues as communication and cooperation between departments, team decision making, resolving conflict, strategic planning, interpersonal trust, and sharing of information. By using relevant business acumen and situations, i.e. budgets and revenue generation, this activity does a great job of creating a meaningful simulation of the workplace. It hits home, even with Sales Professionals, and allows them to make commitments to improve team functioning habits.

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