Corporate Team Building in Houston

Your business’ ability to make an impact relies on your employees’ ability to work together to meet ambitious goals. Discover how Impact Training & Development can provide you with the best in corporate team building in Houston.

Building a Team is a Process, Not an Event.

Innovative Corporate Team Building in Houston

Are you bored of routine team building exercises that leave you underwhelmed? Instead of making drinking-straw-and-marshmallow sculptures, or balancing on top of another kayak arm-in-arm with the rest of your department, discover how much better corporate team building can be.

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The courses and training sessions we offer your team are the product of over twenty-five years of training and feedback. We incorporate fundamental team building strategies alongside innovative breakthroughs suggested by leading experts. These often combine group settings and one-to-one coaching for maximum impact. Your training will focus on personal effectiveness and leadership development in a supportive environment. We push your team to challenge yourselves in pursuit of individual and corporate breakthroughs. Most of all, we enable everyone to achieve, learn and succeed.

Have You Tried a New Perspective?

Fifty feet up in the air, our professional ropes course moves your team right out of their comfort zone, to an amazing place where trust is made. These safety certified challenges offer a unique experience for any team, putting our ‘Challenge by Choice’ philosophy at the heart of every challenge.

Our Houston ropes course exercises your teams’ cooperation, communication, trust, decision making, and problem solving skills, to name just a few of the many benefits. Best of all, our ropes course is designed to engage with a wide range of learners across a wide variety of physical and mental environments.

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Whether you’re an executive level manager or a new employee, Impact Training & Development is for anyone committed to building a strong team. From individual coaching to large team environments, your team building event will be tailored to your needs, including accommodation, meals, small group activities and more.

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